#BIGRead14: Easter Service (1pm Easter Sunday)

Tomorrow, we will run a simple Easter service on this blog, including songs, hymns, prayers, images suggested by friends of The BIGBible Project, drawing on material already pre-existing online (with a new sermon from Stephen Cherry). We often do this with a pre-set service, and new contributions from friends, but this year, following the maxim of #SHCulture – dream, but don’t be afraid to dream small – the majority of this year’s content will be that which can already be found on YouTube, audio boo, Soundcloud, Pinterest, etc.

There’s a number of suggestions coming in via Twitter (@drbexl) and Facebook (BIGRead14) – and now an opportunity to suggest via blog comments on this post, and we’ll put it together in time for tomorrow, after which the material will remain online if you wish to direct others to it.

In this time of ‘waiting’ today on Easter Saturday, what will help you celebrate the resurrection on Easter Sunday tomorrow?

Follow along on the blog.


3 thoughts on “#BIGRead14: Easter Service (1pm Easter Sunday)

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