Welcome to Online Carols

Welcome to Online Carols 2013.

Each prayer, reading or carol will appear on this site in the form of a post (like this one you’re reading) from 2pm GMT on Christmas Eve. At the end of each one click on the site’s title at the top of the page and the page will reload, revealing the next post.

Feel free to comment on this blog below each post (if you’ve got something nice to say that is!) or tweet using #onlinecarols2013 or write on our Facebook wall – we would love to interact with you!

Most of the posts use embedded YouTube, Bandcamp or Soundcloud media. Here’s a song to listen to while you wait:

Sons of men, behold from far,
Hail the long-expected star!
Jacob’s star, that gilds the night,
Guides bewildered nature right.
Fear not hence that ill should flow;
Wars and pestilence below;
Wars it bids, and tumults cease,
Ush’ring in the Prince of Peace.

Mild it shines on all beneath,
Piercing through the shades of death;
Scatt’ring error’s wide-spread night,
Kindling darkness into light.
Nations all, remote and near,
Haste to see your God appear:
Haste, for Him your hearts prepare,
Meet Him manifested there.

There behold the Day-spring rise,
Pouring light upon your eyes:
See it chase the shades away,
Shining to the perfect day.
Sing, ye morning stars again,
God descends on earth to reign,
Deigns for man His life to employ;
Shout, ye sons of God, for joy.


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