22: Closing Prayers (written by @pamjweb) — Liz

Jesus, born in a stable,
a borrowed home,
a fragile start;
We pray for those
with no place to call their own,
no bed to rest in,
no safe place to be.
We pray for the agencies trying to help,
for those who give,
for those who care.
We pray that there may be havens,
a home
for all who need it.

Jesus, whom shepherds came to see,
we pray for those who watch
and wait,
for those,
however surprised they may be,
listen to your voice,
your message,
and respond to it.
May we hear
what you have to say to us,
follow your calling to us,
gaze in wonder on you,
respond to your life in us.

We pray for those who work hard every day,
those who do difficult jobs,
who work while we sleep,
who do the unseen and unheralded work
who do the jobs we’re glad we don’t.
Give them strength for their tasks,
fulfilment in their achievements,
and the knowledge that they make a difference.

Jesus, worshipped by the wise men,
we bring our worship to you,
we kneel in adoration,
we bring our gifts,
our lives,
and lay them before you.
We ask you to take them and use them.

We pray for those in positions of leadership and responsibility,
for rulers,
those with the opportunity to make a difference,
all those who make decisions on behalf of others.
Give them understanding,
hearts for justice.
May they be able to make clear judgements,
remembering the impact of those decisions
on others.

as you guided before
those to your stable,
we pray for your guidance for ourselves.
May we see your way
and have the strength to follow,
to encounter you
in the places where we perhaps don’t expect,
in the ways we can’t imagine.
Guide us,
lead us,
equip us to follow
we pray.

Words by @pamjweb, read by Liz (@losthaystacks)


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