6. Unto us a boy is born – reflection from @richardlittleda (Richard Littledale) #onlinecarols

Richard Littledale shares some reflections on the carol ‘Unto us a boy is born’:

Nowadays we are quite accustomed to hearing about a new birth through a photo taken in the delivery suite, uploaded onto Facebook or Twitter and posted within minutes. Does anybody remember the days when we used to announce a birth through the ‘births, marriages and deaths’ column of the newspaper? Perhaps you remember further back still, when telegrams were the herald of important news. Words were kept to a minimum, as every single one counted (even the punctuation). Often a birth telegram would read simply ‘To Geoff and Sue: a son”.  

In church we created our own birth announcement. The names on the picture represent every stage of faith from enquirer to lifelong disciple. In those little lines of coloured ink the lives of people from under 10 to over 80 are repesented. The thing is, Jesus was born to all of them.



If you know the tune you might like to sing this carol now, reflecting on what Richard has shared:


Unto us a boy is born,

King of all creation:

Cradled in a stall was He,

The Lord of every nation,

The Lord of every nation.


Cradled in a stall was he

With sleepy cows and asses;

But the very beasts could see

That He all men surpasses.


Herod then with fear was filled:

‘A prince’, he said, ‘In Jewry!’

All little boys be killed

At Bethl’em in his fury.


Now may Mary’s Son, who came

So long ago to love us,

Lead us all with hearts aflame

Unto the joys above us.


Omega and Alpha He!

Let the organ thunder,

While the choir with peals of glee

Doth rend the air asunder.



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